Wilcox & Company is committed to getting your home sold faster than is commonly the norm in the business. Most of the trade-mark brokerage outfits are great at giving you a wonderful listing presentation that usually involves the presenting broker telling the seller what they want to hear, resulting in an asking price that is way out of line with the property’s true value. We focus on real market metrics in evaluating your real estate. The competition simply does not perform the kind of analysis we do.

Most brokers will tell you that the internet, newspaper, and glossy print advertising sell your property. Nothing could be further from the truth. 99% of the time, fellow brokers bring about the sale of a listed property. Unlike many brokerages, Wilcox & Company is “Broker-Centric.” We recognize that our fellow brokers are the most important people in the transaction. They are our clients, too, and, as such, have to be treated very well by us. Don’t assume that is the operating philosophy of the average broker. Our reputation with our fellow brokers in Fairfield County is excellent, and those relationships are critically important in effectuating a successful transaction on your behalf.

Be very careful of the hype out there; in today’s market, with inventories on the increase, you need a very rational view of what is taking place in the real estate environment.

Our Mission Statement:

Let the metrics guide you and you will enjoy success.